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In HATCO Marketing research and development are organized in two distinct sectionStandard products include packages:
•  Screw air compressors (Oil injection and Oil Free)
•  Reciprocating air compressors (Booster Services)
•  Absorption and refrigeration air dryers
•  Compressed air filtration
•  Compressed air receivers
All these products are based on design principles and factory standards in accordance with the basic requirements of international standards.
The experts of the marketing and sales department of standard products are always ready to provide technical consulting services to customers for superior choices.
Special project products include packages:
•  Cryogenic gas generator (ASU)
•  Centrifugal air and gas compressors
•  Screw air and gas compressors
•  Reciprocating air and gas compressors
•  PSA nitrogen gas generators
•  hydrogen purification by PSA
•  Absorption and refrigeration air dryers
•  Air and gas filtration
•  Heat Exchangers
•  Turbo Expander and Cold Box
•  Cryogenic Tanks
•  Compressed air receivers and processing tanks for nitrogen gas
•  Control systems and instrumentation
•  Piping and steel structure
All these products are based on design-engineering principles and are presented according to international standards.
To provide superior services to all customers in the field of consulting, design and engineering, implementation and control of projects, HATCO has brought together specialized teams with appropriate duties and powers and sufficient facilities to ensure that the customer and project requirements are met satisfactorily.
The list of some foreign companies that have cooperated with HATCO in large scale projects or have participated in product development and technology localization projects based on technical-engineering and construction cooperation agreements