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HATCO (Hava Abzar Tehran) Company, established in 1997, commenced its activity with the aim of manufacturing Compressed Air & Gas systems. By passing the difficult path of prosperity and through honesty in actions, non-stop endeavor, relying on up-to-date knowledge of professional work force and investment on the most modern technologies, HATCO succeeded to become a powerful industrial complex in compressed air industry in Iran and the region as well, in a relatively short time and with indescribable speed. For the time being, HATCO has achieved a great share of the market by accomplishing numerous national projects; especially in the fields of oil and gas, steel, cement and car industries. Moreover, manufacturing its products under the licenses of two German companies, HATCO has drawn the attention of so many Iranian technical and economical experts and having the latest versions of American and European modern standards, Hatco can be considered as a serious rival to compete with tough European competitors.

Fields of Activities:
HATCO industrial complex's main activity is designing and manufacturing complete equipment lines of compressed air systems as well as Nitrogen generators. HATCO supplied air and nitrogen systems can be observed in all fields of industry in Iran. HATCO is accomplishing some EPC and EPCC projects at the present, relying merely on its own experienced engineering expertise at different sectors of Iran industries. This is to note that, such projects were mostly handled and accomplished by foreign countries (mostly Europians) in the past.

HATCO is the only manufacturer working under the license of two creditable, prominent German companies at this industrial field, and the only company in Iran that enjoys partnership and wide technical-financial supports of foreign companies. Meanwhile, Hatco is the only engineering-manufacturing company in the region capable to execute EPC & EPCC projects.