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HATCO company (Hava Abzar Tehran), established in 1997, founded its activities based on commercial competition with foreign companies, customer orientation, and attending in all of the country's major industries. Through customer orientation principle and adopting an approach toward the most recent achievements in applied sciences and technologies, HATCO has been successful in gaining customers' confidence and establishing growing relationship and communication with well-famed companies in this field of industry in terms of technology transfer to the country. At the result of continuity in observing mentioned principles, an exclusive stage in design and construction, installation and execution, commissioning and services in various types of our country's industries has been assigned to HATCO. At the moment, HATCO performs all of engineering and consulting services in its projects relying on domestic workforce and in some special scopes such as air and industrial gas generation packages enjoys its domestic engineering and construction teams who work with close cooperation with some of well-known companies like Linde and Siemens from GERMANY.
Diversification in the basket of products through cooperation with the world first-class companies is surely one the strong points for this company. Guarantee of the quality through establishment and application of quality management principles aside with implementation of the related standards, will result in proper outlet in the different procedures of manufacturing, supplying and service cycle.

And today, according to our brilliant work and broad range of experiences, we are honored to proclaim to all of our customers that like before, we all fully prepared to accept receive their projects  orders and projects and guarantee the commitment to accomplish the assigned tasks with due effort and responsiveness.