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  Evaluation of every individual, community and country depends primarily on proper and programmed trainings and in the recent era without providing information and updated training methods, modern technology and expertise seem inaccessible.
HATCO believes that by enhancing the technical knowledge of work force in the industry including: experts and technicians, it is possible to promote technical and scientific capabilities of experts in design, maintenance and commissioning of compressed air systems and equipment and demonstrates the Company commitment as an industrial manufacturer toward the country by presenting accurate data in selecting appropriate equipment to meet demands of industrial projects.
HATCO is the first and the only compressed air equipments manufacturer in Iran enjoying from a training department equipped with exclusive training facilities and experienced specialized teachers and is greatly honored for training more than 1400 Iranian engineers and technicians.
And now, in order to extend this professional and scientific campaign herewith all the experts who are interested in attending the training courses related to this industry, are invited to contact training department for more information about training courses and the subjects.