Fabricating Integrally-geared Centrifugal Air Compressors in Iran:

HATCO Company is the exclusive producer of integrally-geared centrifugal air compressors across Middle East. Some great and well-famed companies Such as Siemens , Turbotech and ... are working with HATCO in joint production of Instrument packages and plants. Depending to the customers’ desirable standards, quality and cost, HATCO is prepared to supply them through working with one the above-mentioned companies.
It should be noted that HATCO is the exclusive producer of compressors under Turbotech Company license across Middle East which is considered HATCO’s major distinction regarding other commercial competitors.
Fabricating Gas Generators:
As the partner of Linde, the German Industrial Group, HATCO (Hava Abzar Tehran) has gone through producing Nitrogen gas generators since 2002 and since 2016, has been manufacturing gas generators in Iran using PSA method. Most modern features of technology are being used in HATCO production processes through close collaboration with Linde and the products of such processes is now widely used in Iranian different filed of industry including: oil, gas, petrochemical, and steel.  Considering this broad range of activities and in order to gain a better stage in comparison with other commercial competitors, HATCO has committed itself to supply his customer with high quality products and most economical prices.
For more information about Linde Group, please refer to the website www.Linde.com