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Micro filters

One of the widely used solutions in the compressed air and industrial gases is a set of filtration equipment that plays an important role in maintaining the optimal performance of the system.
HATCO produces and supplies this series of widely used equipment in compressed air and industrial gases processing systems in two types:
Alloy steel shell with threaded / flange connections (depending on capacity /project requirement)
Aluminum shell with threaded connections (mainly for Lower capacities)

Advantages of choosing HATCO:
Utilizing the high technology with high reliability
Support for the highest operational capacity
Proper design and implementation to achieve the least pressure drop
Suitable design for high ease in replacing the filter elements
Utilizing the high performance filter cartridges
Fabrication of the steel alloy series according to ASME cods
Differential pressure gauge (optional)
Minimum space required for installation
Quick and easy installation
Ease of operation and maintenance
Superior support and services for 15 years

Types of filter elements

HATCO provides a wide range of micro filters for compressed air and industrial gases.

Due to apply of high performances of the cartridges proposed by HATCO, the pressure drop occurs less compared to non-professional types. Furthermore, the specialized series are available to separate water and oil droplets up to 0.01 microns.

Primary, main and coalescing filters from G, H, S, A series are available with various standards and identification colors. Also, for the convenience and security of more customers, a variety of high quality filter elements with competitive prices are available to replace similar samples of well-known brands such as ZANDER, WALKER, DONALDSON, DOMNICK HUNTER, etc.

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