The Leading Company in the Air and Gas Industry

Established in 1997, Hatco’s main focus is progressing by relying on cutting-edge scientific research conducted in the top universities around the world and employing the best candidates from top tier universities. HATCO regards experienced engineering teams and specialized experts as the company’s main assets to achieve continuous success in a very dynamic environment.. HATCO’s manpower, consists of more than 500 experts as direct hires and around 3000 affiliated staff. Hatco participates in the major projects of oil, gas, petrochemical, steel, medical and mining industries.

Advantages of choosing HATCO

  • HATCO based on inherent capabilities:

On a well-known scale, it is a medium-sized company that allows it is being at first fast, efficient and flexible, and secondly will be reach the goal based on outstanding engineering position and manufacturing capacity, with proper distribution and management of resources.

  • Based on comparative advantages:

After  a quarter of a century of experience, having a good knowledge of the target industries and understanding of the market, mastery of project requirements, good practical relationships in foreign trade, numerous and successful executive records to being a reliable economic partner for their customers and their success have been caused that HATCO as a developed company have a significant share in designing and manufacturing the necessary equipment and implementing prominent and strategic projects in this industry.

When you choose HATCO,
You choose solutions that satisfy your requirements.

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