Today, high commitment to gaining customer satisfaction and adding loyal customers is one of the pillars of achieving the development of economic enterprises and their success in economic markets. Today, due to the attention of buyers to a variety of services with applications, especially after-sales service, companies are trying to pay attention to customers and their satisfaction by proper development and introduction of their service facilities.

Companies that provide distinctive customer service have important and common features; including a correct understanding of the customer’s wants, expectations and needs, the successful design and implementation of a system in which these expectations are best met for the customer at each stage.

After-sales service is, in fact, the fifth link in the “value chain” and the final stage of a dynamic organization. These five rings are as bellows:

  • Provision of the inputs
  • Production operations
  • Provision of the outputs
  • Marketing and sales
  • After sales services


To increase the ability to provide effective customer service in HATCO, a nine-step program is followed:

  • Understanding of customer expectations
  • Customer’s prioritization
  • Definition of the service goals
  • Commitment to providing services at all levels of the organization
  • Creating favorable expectations in customers
  • Creating a fundamental structure for service delivery
  • Staff training
  • Measuring customer satisfaction
  • Measures to search and identify complainants

Given the importance of realizing the above and also with the approaches of advanced marketing principles; At HATCO, the customer service process does not only related to after-sales service, but also has comprehensive services and includes the following three sections:

  • Consultant services; this includes providing solutions needed by customers, even if they are not related to the company’s products (such as finding practical solutions to solve problems or safely eliminating alarms , etc.).
  • Interactive services; It includes services that provide the customer with enough information to make the right choice. Including providing suitable times for telephone or in-person meetings by sales experts, face-to-face visits to the product production line and familiarity with how and principles of equipment work, providing product catalogs, technical data sheets, manufacturing process, and products history, about customers satisfaction, etc.
  •  After sales services; it is a part of customer service that involves to provide all commitment to customers after delivery. And throughout the commitment to the project and its operation continuity with given all warranties, technical supports including transportation, installation, supply and delivery of Spare parts, operators training including repairs and maintenance, etc.) is realized.

Supervises the proper implementation of the company’s obligations :

In HATCO, the issue of after-sales service is more than a technical matter for the company is a necessity and management principle that considers all aspects of customer relations. It is one of the most important steps in Continuous improvement and increasing the quality of the products. And ultimately the usefulness of these services is in creating and maintaining consumer satisfaction.

An important part of after-sales service is due to the following :

  • Identification of the deficiencies
  • Collecting the customer feedback
  • Assessing their needs and expectations
  • Meeting the needs and increasing the level of customer satisfaction
  • Finally, programs to develop services for creating loyal customers

Ways to contact us in after-sales service :

  • Consultants
  • Spare Parts
  • Out-of-time calls

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