HATCO has been providing air and process gas compression plants and air separation plants more than 25 years. Through of the trusted, lasting business relationships, we collaborate closely with customers as well as foreign vendors and suppliers to develop tailored solutions that maximize plant lifecycle productivity, efficiency and service life. Our engineering department offer the practical effective solutions that is play a key role in the success of customers, especially in the fields of Oil and Gas and Petrochemicals.
HATCO Engineering department have a strong workforce of more than 60 highly qualified and motivated employees.
Backed by HATCO Engineering’s cutting-edge technology portfolio and the operational excellence, we deliver superior technologies and state-of-the-art EPC services to our customers in the market.
Close integration with HATCO Engineering’s office in factory allows us to seamlessly execute multi-entity and large-scale projects on time and in budget, meeting and exceeding customer expectations thanks to our strong focus on safety and quality performance in execution.

Engineering sub-phases :

  • Feasibility Study
  • Basic Design
  • Detail Design

Detailed engineering :

  • Process
  • Rotary Equipment Mechanical
  • Fixed Equipment Mechanical
  • Piping
  • Civil, Architectural and Structure
  • Power Electrical
  • Instrumentation & Control Systems
  • QHSE

Our technology-based EPC service are specialized in :

  • Cryogenic air separation plants
  • Hydrogen gas production plants by PSA
  • Nitrogen gas production plants by PSA/VPSA
  • Oxygen gas production plants by PSA
  • Process gas compression plants
  • Instrument air plants

We complement our foreign leader partners’ technologies with licensed and open art technologies in fields such as Air Separation Plants, Hydrogen Gas production Plants, CO2 capture and storage and Process Gas Compression plants.