Customers expect us to supply safe and economical plants equipped with the latest technology. All the processes that have been deployed in HATCO are in line with the quality goals and expectations in all actions and in all details. The project management department is fully responsible to manage all tasks such as planning and leading the procurements, manufacturing, shipping and loading, installation, commissioning, etc.
Project execution from A to Z can be quite a challenge!
But we have a solution through 3 steps :

  • Establishment of the project management system
  • Allocation of sufficient resources
  • Commitment to quality and continuous improvement

Part of what we do in this direction :

  • The Project Management department is lead interdisciplinary teams throughout a wide range of projects such as air separation units, hydrogen purification, nitrogen gas production by PSA, carbon capture, purification, liquefaction, and storage as well as process gas compression and instrument air plants.
  • We are responsible for the project execution and internal resources to help successfully deliver the projects and maximize efficiencies by “thinking with the end in mind”.
  • From the concept phase until the final handover to the client, the Project Manager is the face of the client and the first point of contact for all technical and contractual requests.
  • We plan and conduct important project meetings and reviews and create project reports and presentations to management, partners, and clients.
  • PMO has fully responsible for the procurement, construction, and commissioning of plants on an international standard level.
  • We develop project strategies and execution plans and implement them, as well as the setup of the project and its organization is part of our role.
  • We have leadership of the project team and management of project costs, schedule, and quality.
  • Active risk and change management, as well as the identification and follow-up of necessary corrective measures, are required in this function.
  • We are participating in the development and implementation of the project QHSE program.
  • Familiarization of contracts with the client and partners as well as the intelligent implementation of contract requirements.
  • We manage the project during the various project phases at locations such as HATCO entities, partners, and on-site as needed.