Air and Gas Receivers

HATCO, as one of the most experienced manufacturers of compressed air equipment and industrial gases in region, which is actively involved in large projects in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, designs and manufactures all types of compressed air vessels in form of fixed and process items. And also the nitrogen gas process vessels by PSA method in full compliance Performs with international standards such as ASME and BS.
The design and fabrication of these equipment is capable up to 150 m3 and up to a working pressure range of 40 bar g.
All steps of the manufacturing process is done in HATCO specialized factories under the supervision of experienced and expert engineers, technicians and by skill workers under regular inspection from the own QC department and third parties.
Establishing and implementing the full provisions of the quality assurance system which is certified by European authorities also always provides satisfaction for HATCO’s customers.

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Advantages of choosing HATCO :

  • Full capacity in all engineering and design solutions
  • Commitment to full implementation of project provisions
  • Ability to customize the product according to customer requirements
  • Establishment and use of all product realization infrastructures
  • Design, construction and all tests according to international standards
  • Optional customer order in two series AT / NT and SAT / SNT
Air and Gas Receivers

Air and Gas Receivers

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Air and Gas Receivers
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