Types of available control systems :

  1. Microprocessors that are mainly used in small or medium projects with limited variables, and in HATCO are selected from different types of valid and well-known microcontrollers from AC3 series, Logika control, and SIEMENS LOGO. This series of controllers, while being cost-effective and easier to operate, have the ability to connect to upstream control systems such as PLC and data transfer to them, as well as DCS system.
  2. Programmable logic controllers (PLC), which are mainly used in large projects with more variables. In HATCO, these series are routinely selected and offered from Siemens and Omron products.

Types of SIEMENS PLCs in HATCO Projects :

    • S7-200
    • S7-1200
    • S7-1500
    • S7-300
    • S7-300(Software Redundant)
    • S7-400 H
  • S7-400 HF

Types of Omron PLC in HATCO projects :

  • CS1-D
  • CP1-H


According to the requirements of the project and the customer’s request, it is possible to select and use similar systems from other brands such as HIMA and YOKOGAWA.

Steps of implementing PLC control system:

  • Engineering and design
  • Procurement
  • Hardware Assembly & Fabrication
  • Software and programming
  • FAT
  • SAT
  • Pre-commissioning
  • Commissioning

Engineering process inputs :

  • Standards, Regulations, and Requirements
  • Process document
  • System control philosophy
  • Instrumentation List and related data sheets

Engineering process outputs :

  • Configuration of Control system
  • Logic diagram
  • Loop diagram
  • Control panel dimensional drawing
  • Control panel terminal detail and wiring diagram
  • Modbus list & hardwire cable interface list
  • I/O assignment for control system
  • Graphic Display
  • FAT Procedure
  • SAT Procedure