HATCO is a specialist in the design, engineering, and fabrication of pressure equipment in the respect of ASUs, Process Gas Compression Plants, and Instrument Air Systems.

Our solution-oriented mentality, expertise, and ability to work with our customers to develop the best solution guarantee a unique plant that can be used directly in your production process.

Our designers utilize Auto-cad inventor and Navis works as our primary software packages and we manufacture all related pressure vessels such as PSA process vessels, air receivers, filtration housings, separators, distillation columns, etc.

Depending on the project specifications, we can provide any relevant design based on carbon steel, duplex, stainless steel and various alloys.

HATCO is an expert fabricator of piping, from engineering to prefab and on-site construction. We offer our customers new fabrication and maintenance of piping systems for various applications including utilities, process, high-pressure, and jacket piping systems.

HATCO has extensive knowledge of materials, welding, and efficient production methods and produces in accordance with the customer specifications and according to the applicable standards, including API, ASME, DIN, EN13480, and PED.

Our facilities which include twin fabrication halls are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment in accordance with the latest fabrication and testing standards.

Equipment Used for Pipe Fabrication

HATCO’s team of experts uses specific tools to ensure the final product is high quality. Each step of process piping fabrication requires highly specialized equipment, including:

  • Saws
  • Rotators
  • Beveling equipment
  • Welding equipment
  • Tube benders

Preparation for Piping Fabrication

In simple terms, process piping fabrication is when all related documentation is approved, the raw materials are received and the inspection confirmation is done.

Piping Fabrication Procedure
The piping fabrication process starts as soon as the raw material delivers from the warehouse. Documentation also begins from the beginning and continues throughout each step of the procedure.

  1. Marking. All metal pipe pieces are marked so that they can be traced which is in accordance with code standards. Even after final construction, the line numbers marked in the beginning can be used to find the isometric sheets.
  2. Cutting. each pipe piece needs to be cut to size and ensure the details are in accordance with engineered drawings. Depending upon the specific need, it might be possible for HATCO to cut the pipe pieces in several steps to make an efficient operation.
  3. Beveling. Beveling is preparing the edges of the metal pieces for welding; it makes a complete joint penetration weld possible.
  4. Welding. The joints are welded together via straight procedures. All welds are inspected in accordance with the specified code required. This could include UT, RT, or just visual. Each can-shaped piece of piping which is called a spool will be joined together to create longer sections.
  5. Coating. If the coating is required, HATCO provides a state-of-the-art facility to apply the coating to specification.

Some projects will have special requirements, such as heat treatments. Heat treatments take place after welding, but are only necessary for certain metals. Additionally, stainless steel by nature requires a completely clean environment and tools in order to avoid cross-contamination and subsequent corrosion.
Every stage of the process pipe fabrication procedure is carefully inspected by HATCO’s certified quality control team.