Refrigerant Air Dryer

HATCO’s RDF Series refrigeration dryers are a suitable option for use in projects that require dry air within the permissible dew point range and lower capacities.

Reducing energy consumption in terms of no purge cycle Instead of absorption dryers is another economic advantage of refrigeration dryers.

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Due to simple and efficient design and packaging principles, the high performance RDF series are known as a high quality dryers that have proved their efficiency in different circumstances. The operating reliability at inlet temperatures up to +55°C and a pressure dew point of +3°C make them a convincing proposition.

The RDF series refrigerant dryers are versatile and can be flexible to reduce production costs and improve productivity.

Besides, HATCO-specific tropical series due to reduce energy consumption and support costs mostly perform better than similar types are available on the market .This series features a wide range of heat exchange areas that guarantee a constant pressure dew point and a high water condensation rate even under extreme operating conditions.

HATCO RDF series can be linked up as a set refrigerant dryer plus compressor for the following products:

  • HAV, HAG
  • HAD, HAS
  • HAB

Advantages of choosing HATCO :

  • Low energy consumption
  • Utilizing ozone friendly gases R407C, R134a
  • Proper design for easy access to parts
  • Automatic drain valve
  • Low pressure drop even in variable working conditions
  • High efficiency condenser & evaporator
  • No need for short-term periodic services
  • Minimum space required for installation
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ease of operation
  • Have superior support and services for 15 years
Refrigrant Air Dryer

Refrigerant Air Dryer

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Refrigerant Air Dryer
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