Cryogenic Tanks

In fact, these equipment are double-walled shell tanks that are utilized to store cryogenic products .
The inner shell (cryogenic vessel) is fabricated of stainless steel, and the outer shell (thermal insulation enclosure) made of carbon steel.
To reduce the risk of temperature exchange, various methods are used for insulation between double walls, one of the most common of which is the use of perlite powder.
The application of a pressure under vacuum (0.3 mbar) is also essential, which has a significant effect on the acceptable result.

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Types of products :

  • Liquid Nitrogen (LIN)
  • Liquid Oxygen (LOX)
  • Liquid Argon (LAR)
  • Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO2)
  • Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

Advantages of choosing HATCO :

  • Successful records in the implementation of numerous and major projects in major industries, especially oil, gas and petrochemicals
  • Full understanding of customer requirements and high commitment to full implementation of project provisions
  • Experienced engineering and project management teams with the necessary facilities
  • All product realization infrastructures
  • Equipped with high quality accessories for reliable and safe operation
  • Design, construction according to ASME Sec.VIIIDiv.1 & 2
  • Full support for standard inspection and test requirements including:
  • Inspection and certification of consumables
  • Destructive tests of material analysis such as FT, IT, TT, BT
  • Nondestructive welding tests such as VT, PT, UT, MT, RT
  • Hydro test and pneumatic testing of pressurized components
  • Cold shock test for internal tank and piping system
  • Vacuum test for thermal insulation performance
  • Surfaces preparation and painting according to SSPC
  • Preparation and submission of inspection reports during construction and final before delivery
Cryogenic Tanks

Cryogenic Tanks

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Cryogenic Tanks
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