Separation Plants

Hydrogen Purification Package

Hydrogen Purification Package by PSA

Regarding several advantages such as organizational capacities and good communication in trading to develop this market based on technology transfer, HATCO has recently started extensive cooperation with its prominent European partners for the implementation of this highly valuable business.

Nitrogen Generator Package by PSA / VPSA

HATCO as the first domestic company in order that localize this technology, since 2001 started the design and construction phases of this system under the license of CarboTech GmbH.

Membrane Nitrogen

Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Membrane type nitrogen generation offers an optimal purity range of 90% to 99%, which is perfectly sufficient for many applications, particularly in the packaging of fresh foods and so on.

Cold Box

Cold boxes are a distinctive feature of every cryogenic air separation and liquefaction plant.

CryoGenic Tanks

Cryogenic Tanks

In fact, these equipment are double-walled shell tanks that are utilized to store cryogenic products.

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